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RACIONERO: Comprehensive and efficient solutions

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End-to-end solutions for the food industry

Welcome to RACIONERO

We are a profesional but approachable company, committed to listening to our customers and serving all members of the value chain. From directors and purchasing managers to the procurement department , quality, floor managers, stockers, and end consumers, we strive to provide exceptional service to each of you

Ethics and

At RACIONERO, we believe in ethical and professional conduct. We keep our customers informed with accurate and honest guidance before, during, and after each sale.

Collaboration and

We strive to strengthen our brand and positively engage consumers. This is achieved by offering quality products that are easy to combine at the point of sale.

Catalog of
Quality Products

Our catalog offers the best quality-price ratio. Our products form an easy and practical family to combine, 90% being on the same line or hallway, facilitating the shopping experience.

Labels Developer

Moreover, at RACIONERO, we offer specialized services in private labels brands, helping our customers strengthen their market presence with exclusive and quality products

Brand Affirmation and Customer Satisfaction

We strive to strengthen our brand and positively engage consumers. This is achieved by offering quality products that are easy to combine at the point of sale.

Logistics Savings
and Efficiency

We excel in logistic savings, offering a direct service to purchasing plataforms. We create solid and intelligent product range that streamlines the operations of your company.

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At Racionero, we are committed to providing comprehensive and efficient solutions to meet the needs of our customers in the value chain.
Discover how we can help you achieve your goals!

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Ethics, professionalism, quality, efficiency and consumer satisfaction

RACIONERO: Our History

The story of Industrias Racionero is a fascinating narrative that highlights the entrepreneurial calling and passion for business of Domingo Racionero Sacristán and María José Cortés Pizarro. Here is a summary and some key points from their story:

Domingo Racionero and Maria Portrait

Domingo Racionero Sacristan:

He was born in Madrid but spent his childhood in Priego, a town in Cuenca.

At an early age, he showed sales skills, even going so far as to supplant his father at the age of 10 to obtain the representation of comic book collections..

He started his first business selling comics and later expanded his venture with a bicycle to sell in nearby towns.

At 17 years old, in Madrid, he secured distributions in the biscuit and rice business, demonstrating skills in acquiring new clients.

He met María José Cortés Pizarro, with whom he created a perfect tandem; he handled sales while she organized.

Together, they began packaging their own brands and distributing them, facing challenges but achieving successes in the food business.

After decades of effort, they are proud to pass the baton to their children and grandchildren, the third generation, who continue the legacy with the same passion.

Maria Josefa Cortes Pizarro:

Educated to be a homemaker, her life led her to become a businesswoman. She met Domingo at the age of 19., they married and had two daughters. Together, they embarked on the Industrias Racionero project, using the registered brand MIAU.

The success was resounding, con 150,000 packages of the MIAU brand sold only in Madrid per month. Despite being a mother and a businesswoman in a challenging era, she managed to forge a path in a predominantly male world.

Her daughters and grandchildren continued the legacy, growing up under principles of integrity, courage, and a determination to venture and improve in life. She expresses gratitude for the support of her family, sons-in-law, clients, and consumers over the years, and continues to visit the company with enthusiasm.

«Both founders wish that RACIONERO and the MIAU brand continue to grow in the hands of future generations, emphasizing the importance of looking forward, focusing on effort and working together towards a common goal. Their story reflects the entrepreneurial spirit, "the dedication and importance of the family unit in the business world."

Domingo Racioner signs
Linea de Tiempo MIAU
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