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Our group

A global conglomerate with extensive experience spanning the entire supply chain

Optimizing each stage of the supply chain to maximize efficiency

ETG: Comprehensive solutions for the agricultural supply chain

ETG has become a global player with a presence in more than 45 countries, spanning 6 continents.

The Group has a diverse portfolio of expertise across various industries, encompassing agricultural inputs, chemicals, logistics, food and food processing, energy, metals and supply chain optimization.

NutrisCo, a subsidiary of ETG, is a key player in the food and food ingredients industry, peanuts and edible nuts, peanuts and edible nuts, premium rice, sesame and cocoa. It is a proficient integrated value chain professional , at the forefront of sustainable sourcing practices.

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The pillars that support our business culture.



We Respect everyone and treat them with empathy, kindness, and dignity - irrespective of gender, race or religion.


We are resolute in our pursuit of Excellence in every endeavor by being agile, championing change, and carry an unwavering commitment to creating a long-enduring and positive impact within our industries and societies.


The nature of our business presents several opportunities for individuals to take up the mantle of Leadership - this encompasses accountability, a can-do orientation, and an unwavering commitment towards a common goal.


We collaborate and leverage the strengths of our functions and business verticals to create an environment where employees have the opportunity to excel. We are neutral and unbiased while making decisions, always looking at the benefits for the organization, its employees and society.


We hold Integrity as the cornerstone of our value system. It embodies the virtues of working with honor and honesty in everything that we do - dealing with fairness in all our relationships with our customers, , coworkers and stakeholders.


ETG envisions a world where we transcend limitations; while positively impacting the lives of all our partners.


Entrepreneurial spirit is alive in ETG! We adapt and grow responsibly as a diversified enterprise, creating a sustainable future for all our stakeholders.

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